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Simple Interior Sign System

I was at an outdoor community event in Charlottesville last week and had to venture inside to find the restroom. I had never been in this particular building before and I had no idea where to go. It was used by a local Virginia Community College System.

As a sign designer and salesperson, I am always interested in neat signs, but who would have thought I’ find signs worth taking pictures of out in the hallway on my way to the men’s room? Was I ever surprised!

Here are a few neat little interior sign designs that work.

The signs are all simple flat PVC panels. Some are rectangular, some are rounded. Some use a white background while others are gold.

There are three mounting methods used in the interior sign system. One method is a flag mount where the one or two sided panels slip inside a vertically mounted wall bracket.

Another mounting method is wall-flush mount, where the PVC panels are adhered to the wall with double-back tape and/or clear silicone sealant. The final method is flush mount, but on a wall corner. The corner mounted signs look rather neat and they really caught my attention.

I was so involved in admiring the cool signage that I forgot all about the bathroom!  Wow, what a sign nerd, huh?

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