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How do Time and Temperature Signs Work ?


Part 5: They Grab Attention- How do Time and Temperature Signs Work ?



time and temp sign vaHow do time and temperature signs work and have they done their job over the years? Many people do not realize the first “Time and Temperature Sign” was manufactured and installed for the Seattle First National Bank in the early 1950’s by sign company owners/inventors, Luke Williams and his brother Chuck, founders of American Sign & Indicator Company.

This started a big trend and banks began erecting these types of signs all across the country: some located them on roof tops like the Casco Bank and Trust in Portland, Maine, and others ingeniously mounted them along with their bank’s street identification sign. The primary purpose was to draw attention because they knew people in the communities they served were forever interested in knowing the current time and temperature. Funny, even with all of today’s modern technology in cars and cell phones, people are still attracted by these signs.


Sean Payant, Senior Vice President of Haberfeld Associates, keynote speaker at this year’s Virginia Bankers Association’s Retail Banking & Marketing Conference, mentioned that most bank customers live within 15 miles of a bank branch in rural areas, and within 2 miles of branches in urban settings. Since the average personal banking customer is retained for 7.49 years and commercial customers for 8.29, sign devices that attract ongoing attention of the locals are essential to keep customers coming in.

Today’s time and temperature signs can part of full-color, animated LED displays that businesses utilize to:

  • Draw attention to their brand,
  • Help community partners, 
  • Offer an ongoing call to action.

Project managers at Holiday Signs understand three important details concerning digital signs:

  • Branding and Aesthetics- Blending Digital Signs with Branding & Architecture;
  • Technical Aspects of Training, Operation and Service of Electronic Message Centers;
  • Business Advantages of Implementing Digital Advertising at our Customer’s Location(s).


Contact: Mark Hackley

             Account Executive, Holiday Signs

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