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Holiday Signs is Central Virginia’s premier custom electric sign company and, just in case you haven’t noticed, we work in your town too!

We have many electric sign options available for developers, property managers, franchise owners, banking and financial marketers, high-rise building and facilities managers.

We’ve been turning traffic into customers for over 40 years and look forward to the chance to help your organization attract attention to your brand wherever it may need attention throughout Virginia.



Mark Hackley, Account Executive

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Repositioning Vacant Buildings


How to Reposition Vacant Buildings and Stores with Signage

The Brilliance of Repositioning Vacant

  Six years ago Centra Health, a Virginia regional health organization that owns hospitals in Southside Virginia, moved an outpatient clinic into a large vacant and former retail space on the lower level of The Plaza, a Lynchburg shopping center that’s been around for more than fifty years.

  The hospital group and economic developers were hoping the move would get The Plaza back into a respectable position. Centra leaders termed their new location the “big-box medical center” versus the “big-box department store.”

  And these types of moves have been happening very frequently across Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Commercial real estate developers own lots of vacant properties; and repositioning vacant space with non-traditional tenants just makes sense. According to CoStar Realty, the percentage of U.S. shopping center space devoted to non-retail and non-restaurant is close to 25%, and it’s not just the retail centers that are converting their spaces.

  Here in the Staunton-Waynesboro area of Virginia where I reside many stand-alone retail spaces have repositioned vacant spaces by converting their use. Our local hospital group has opened outpatient centers by converting an old Blockbuster Video building, a building that was previously a bank, and most recently a fairly large car dealership was successfully converted to healthcare space.

  Although health-related industries command a large chunk of many retail makeovers, other non-retail tenants are moving in as well. As I travel across Central and Northern Virginia I spot many once-retail stores now occupied by churches, community centers, city offices, and other non-traditional uses.

  Holiday Signs has been actively involved in re-branding many former retail stores. Renovating existing retail space has many inherent values:

  • Great Roadway Exposure, as most retailers do their homework on site location and visibility;
  • Good Bones to Work from for Remodeling;
  • Electricity Already In Place for Renovated Signage.

  Within a short trip of our sign company’s main location south of Richmond, there are many office, retail, or multi-tenant residential renovation projects completed or underway:

  Renovation of the 100-year old Broad Street Hotel

  Renovating the old Signet Building

  Main Street Station

  Various Virginia and DC Urban Development Projects Recently Completed by The Timmons Group


Urban Church Signage








February 2015-Amelia Industrial Park-HeaderBEACON FOR BUSINESS

How a New Industrial Park Entrance Sign is Making Waves in Amelia County

www.holidaysigns.com-amelia-county-electric-sign-companies-economic-development-ideasCOUNTY BUSINESS
   Recently we helped a Virginia County with an iconic sign through Timmons Group, a regional engineering and consulting firm.

   Amelia County wants more commerce. They specifically desire to attract more manufacturers so residents have a good reason to stay or choose to come back to the area.  

   They have many strengths:       

  • Attractive location on State Highway 360;
  • Growing demographic – population growth has increased  44% over the past 20 years;
  • Although rural in nature, they are considered part of the Greater Richmond MSA.

   Realizing they have what businesses need, they wanted an effective tool to toot their horn.  New on-premise signage was the answer, and that’s why the County’s core group of leaders approached Timmons Group to look at a better way to market their 112-acre industrial park development in Amelia.

  Over the last couple years Holiday Signs has been working with the County’s consultant, Timmons Group, on designing a new entrance sign for the county industrial site. Two big tenants had recently moved out, so they needed to take action.

   Holiday Signs‘ Project Manager, Henry Moore, said they had a low budget for new signs at the onset of the project to identify and brand the County’s Industrial Site as “Amelia Commerce Park.” We quickly understood that budget was not enough for what they needed and went back and forth to eventually end up in a more effective range.

   Collaborating with Timmons Group, we produced a design that six or eight months later was put out for bid and we were awarded the job.  But before we were given the notice to proceed, we asked to meet with County managers.

   “This is what was bid, but this is what you need,” Henry said, giving them many reasons the size wouldn’t work, showing them why,www.holidaysigns.com-message-sign-for-auto-store-tire-store-virginia-EMC and the minimum of what was needed. We presented them with a budget of what it could cost to make a more applicable design. Understanding how to make these types of signs, Henry suggested some things he could do that wouldn’t cost a dime, and also a few things that would add some cost.

   The cost to get to what they needed was greater, but Henry explained the value of the extra investment.  Henry’s example of this is: “If you need to buy a truck to haul product day after day, you could spend less on a pick-up truck and make lots of trips or invest in a flatbed and reduce your trips needed to haul the same amount of material.”  Similarly, a more applicable size would be more effective in bringing in business and manufacturing along with more good paying jobs for the County.

February 2015-Amelia Industrial Park blurb 1ALREADY A LOCAL ICON    
  The main focus of the sign is to bring jobs and businesses into the Business Park and the Amelia community. The ancillary function of the sign is to make the public aware of County events.

  The final product has a neat look and has already become a local icon that’s attracting attention. During last month’s public meeting, Supervisor Carroll Barnard stated he was very pleased with the new sign and thanked Taylor Harvie, Amelia County’s Administrator and Director of Economic Development, and his staff for their efforts in Economic Development.


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Options Electric Signs

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So Many Options Electric Signs

Holiday Signs is Central Virginia’s premier custom electric sign company and, just in case you haven’t noticed, we work in your town too! We’ve been turning traffic into customers for over 40 years and look forward to the chance to help your organization attract attention in your part of Virginia.



Mark Hackley, Account Executive

Holiday Signs

mhackley@holidaysigns.com  540-416-3154


Here are some stories about some local projects:



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options electric signs


There Are Oodles of Ways to Make a Sign



There Are Oodles of Ways to Make a Sign…Some Better, Some Worse…


wilton shop

Photo of a Shopping Center Sign being Fabricated in Our Chester, VA Shop.

  When it comes to making signs, there are definitely many ways to skin a cat! How you skin it, however, depends on many factors. Here are a few:


  • Distance Off The Road
  • Viewing Angle
  • Color/ Lighting Choices
  • Content
  • Zoning
  • Budget
  • Traffic Count
  • Height Above the Ground
  • Surrounding Architectural Features
  • Engineering Limitations

Push-Thru Graphics on an Illuminated Emergency Room Sign.



  There are many choices for signs, and it takes a professional sign company to help determine what’s best to adequately brand or advertise a commercial business. We help our clients make the best material and lighting choices and lead them around known problem areas that could arise when taking shortcuts.

  Certain situations may call for simple box cabinets or channel letters. Then there are applications where push thru letters, back-lighting, or open-faced neon signs may be the better option. For free-standing monument signs, fancy curved tops and brick, stone or stucco bases can add pizzazz. The coolest thing about custom electric signs is the sky’s the limit when it comes to neat effects!

  But the opposite of neat effects is not-so-neat effects. And as you look around, it’s easy to spot some signs that just don’t do a business justice in their current state. 


Notice the dark area in the letter “R” I noticed on a retailer’s storefront today, caused by not having enough LED modules populating the letter.

  Driving through Central Virginia this week I noticed several electric signs that really need some help. LED lighting, when properly installed, does a great job in illuminating channel letters. Skimping on the density of LED modules or improperly mounting them inside the letters always has negative results. What do you notice in the example shown? LED lighting incorrectly mounted can make hot spots and even worse, not enough LED in letters makes dark spots as you can clearly see within the letter “R”.

  Take a look around you tonight and notice how many electric signs just don’t look that great. Lamps may be out; lighting may not be bright enough, or signs may appear discolored or too intense; designs of the signs themselves may need to be re-worked.


Bank Channel Letters on Brick.

  When you’re married to someone involved in the sign industry, it’s hard to escape critical sign design discussions during trips around town. I remember when my wife once thought signs just suddenly appeared, kind of like the stork and the baby concept, or the money tree example! The truth is, good signage takes planning and engineering to produce positive on-going and low-maintenance results.


Our Approach to Selling Signs:

Part 1- Image

Part 2- Budget

Part 3- Environment

Part 4- Viewing Distance & Sight Lines

Part 5- Prototypes & Demonstrations


Problems with LED Channel Letters, Problems with LED Lighting, Problems with Hot Spots or Dark Spots in LED Signs

Branding Signage Systems for Multiple Sites

February 2015-Branding Multiple Sites-Part 2-Farm Bureau headerBranding Signage Systems – Multiple Sites

Part 2, Virginia Farm Bureau’s Sign Program


   Prior to taking over at the helm as President of Holiday Signs, owner Bob Morin had been the President and General Manager of AMF Bowling.  One afternoon he received a call from a former colleague who was working with the Virginia Farm Bureau; fortunately for Bob, they had been working with a hodgepodge of sign vendors and brand consistency was almost non-existent. They needed consistent branding signage systems for multiple sites. That was 10 years ago and Holiday Signs has handled their sign program since that initial meeting.
www.holidaysigns.com-richmond-va-custom-LED-electric-channel-letters-retailers   Farm Bureau is a national membership organization consisting of more than 5.5 million members in the US and Puerto Rico.  They support their members through legislative lobbying, leadership programs, commodity associations, rural health programs, products, insurance and marketing.   In Virginia they have more than 150,000 members and 88 branded branch locations.
   Even though each state office is managed separately, they are able to receive the benefit of sharing resources from the national office for marketing and compliance.  This promotes continuity and consistency in their branding.

February 2015-Branding Multiple Sites-Part 2-Farm Bureau

   With 88 locations and as many localwww.holidaysigns.com-high-quality-electric-signs-for-retail-chains-in-Virginia-US- jurisdictions throughout the state—each with different sign regulations—providing branding consistency can be quite a challenge.   Holiday Signs developed a modular sign program and standard product list to fit the site-specific requirements. This provided the bureau with a streamlined ordering system so they were not required to re-invent the wheel every time they ordered a sign!
   Their sign program now runs like a well-oiled machine.   Holiday Signs provides everything from researching the sign code in each jurisdiction to manufacturing and installation.

   The Virginia Farm Bureau understands the importance of localized marketing and they make sure their signs capture the attention of their local customer base. Typically located in many rural areas of Virginia, they utilize manual message boards to post localized communications on their signs. They have considered electronic messaging options, but are not convinced digital sign technology is consistent with most of their market.


Contact: Mark Hackley

Account Executive




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Options for Electric Signage- Norfolk, VA

FEB 2015- We Work in Your Town- Norfolk Header

Options for Electric Signage

Norfolk, Virginia…

Holiday Signs is Central Virginia’s premier custom electric sign company and, just in case you haven’t noticed, we workSept 2014- We Work in Your Town- Chesapeake map in your town too! We have many options for electric signage for customers across the state as well as in NC, MD, and our Nation’s Capital.

We’ve been turning traffic into customers for over 40 years and look forward to the chance to help your organization attract attention in your part of the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic US.




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