Active vs Passive Advertising DIGITAL MESSAGING

PART 2- ACTIVE VS PASSIVE ADVERTISING both active vs passive advertising in your current marketing mix will lead you to have the greatest influence over your target market’s purchasing decisions. Both types of advertising are important and digital messaging is one form of active advertising that makes sense as you consider one of the most overlooked group of customers and prospects: the drive-by market.

Active forms of media include:

  • Digital Messaging
  • Digital Billboards
  • Radio & Television

Passive media includes:

  • Print (Newspaper, Magazines)
  • Yellow Pages
  • Static Signage & Billboards

The “drive-by” market is not discussed much but it is the life blood of many businesses. I tried a Google Search and there just isn’t much written about it. But unless your business is 100% virtual, you must rely on it. (If you operate a business in Virginia, you can calculate your drive-by market at Active media attracts the drive-by market by using dynamic, ever-changing, focused content. It is attention-getting and intrusive. On the other hand, passive media utilizes one-time, static, broad and generic content that fades into the background and is non-intrusive. A marketing plan with a solid passive infrastructure Blog Blurbs call to actionand ongoing effective active ingredient will produce the best long-term results.

On-premise digital signage is one of the most effective forms of active media. Once an adequate passive structure is in place for a specific business situation, use signage to lead seekers from your passive infrastructure while attracting spontaneous drive-bys. For existing businesses that have a strong customer base, an ongoing regimen of content-driven digital advertising using dynamic on-premise signage becomes a great tool to drive existing customers to new products and services while in the act of doing business at your site(s), increasing the volume from your loyal accounts. By using alternating content, the same sign can attract new and existing impulse buyers who respond to advertised sales and events. The sign can also be used to sell specific items that need to move fast, and can provide education & awareness to fuel longer term sales.

McDonalds digital messaging for restaurantsIf your business is in a high-traffic location, a signage system that utilizes both active and passive channels is best. A good example  is a business identification sign that displays a company’s brand name (the passive part) and a digital messaging center (the active part).  Digital signs are usually mounted to the main pylon sign under the main ID signage that serves as the focal point of traffic as customers and potential customers pass by. A study by consulting firm OTX found that people find digital signage to be more unique (58%), interesting (53%), and entertaining (48%), but less annoying (26%) than other media. Consumers must make a decision- informed by any available signage- about the shopping potential of the store versus the option of continuing to future opportunities. By utilizing digital signage, you promote a “call to action” that viewers are attracted to and can respond by visiting your store.




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