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How to Restore Old Theater Marquees?

How to Restore Old Theater Marquees? How Signage Restores the Glamour of Virginia’s Downtowns NEON NICHE   Historic marquee sign restoration at theaters is one of the few remaining applications for neon lighting and signs, which is gradually being replaced by greener LED lighting technology. “This could be the last big neon job we’ll do,” […]

How to Rebrand a Shopping Center?

How to Rebrand a Shopping Center? GLAMOUR LOST?   If your shopping center’s signs have been around more than ten years, this article may help you ponder a sign renovation project. Replacing or upgrading signage at shopping centers is a good way to turn humdrum entrances and storefronts into dazzling attractions. Styles change and weather […]

How to Buy an Electric Sign?

How to Buy an Electric Sign? Part 1: Deciding What’s Right when Choosing Signage A PROCESS   On any given day, our project managers are working on a variety of sign types.  I walked through our Chester shop and among the many projects in production, I noticed a set of custom channel letters for a […]

How to Get an Electric Sign Permit?

How to Get an Electric Sign Permit?   If you are going to install a new sign, you will generally need a sign permit. Licensed electric sign companies who build and install electric signs generally handle the permitting as part of the project. Since the average fee to secure a sign permit is around $400-500, […]

How to Make an Eye Catching Entrance Sign

How to Make an Eye Catching Entrance Sign HARPERS MILL- TRANSFORMING DIRT INTO AN ICON   Harpers Mill Subdivision wanted a bold entrance. As with any new construction project, the first hurdle is being able to envision the end result as you stare at a pile of ungraded earth. An important element of iconic entrance sign […]

Sign Project Testimonials

SIGN PROJECT TESTIMONIALS … Project 1- Village Bank, Richmond, Virginia FAST-PACED BRANDING  Village Bank is a community bank that has grown to 15 branches since its start in 1999. With their rapid expansion, including their merger with River City Bank, they have an ongoing need for signage. When they changed their corporate identity, they chose […]

Why Can’t I Read My Sign?

WHY CAN’T I READ MY SIGN? AVOIDING “STEALTH SIGNAGE”: 5 TIPS FOR MORE READABLE SIGNS  SIGHT OVERSIGHT    I recall an earlier time in my signage career when I made a custom sign for some residential property at Wintergreen Resort here in Central Virginia that earned the nick-name of “the stealth sign” because you just […]

Obtaining Sign Permits in Historic Districts

OBTAINING SIGN PERMITS IN HISTORIC DISTRICTS Historic Sign Restoration Projects-Virginia   Obtaining sign permits in historic districts is generally doable if the intent of historic preservation is in mind. Holiday Signs, a quality custom electric sign company located near Richmond, Virginia, has been involved with many high-profile historic restoration projects: The Hotel John Marshall, The […]

What are Common Lighting Issues with Electric Signs?

What Are Common Lighting Issues with Electric Signs? 3 Sign Lighting Types: 1)Fluorescent 2)Neon 3)LED   Problems with Fluorescent Lit Signage: IMPROPER LAMP SPACING Until recent advances in LED technology, most cabinet type signs were populated with fluorescent lighting. Finding an electric sign contractor who understands sign lighting design is important to avoid visual problems […]