Don’t Forget: Customers Come Out at Night

www.holidaysigns-richmond-virginia-custom-electric-signsI hate it when Daylight Savings Time ends each Fall. The days get so seemingly short. Then, as it starts getting much colder at the same time, the real depression of winter sets in. But guess what? People still shop after 5PM. As the sun sets earlier and earlier it starts getting dark around the evening rush hour. Many of these people make lots of stops on their way home. Retailers that stay open into the night have to depend on lighted signs so people can find them, or at least remember them as they pass by. The Holiday season makes for even more after-dark traffic and potential buyers, so signage becomes even more critical for sales.

Don’t under estimate the value of a lighted sign.  Whether it’s a neon sign, a channel letter type sign with LED, or a cabinet sign with fluorescent lighting, it all works in identifying and branding a store. Even a simple spot-lit sign or spot-lit building front can draw in the needed attention. Digital LED message signs shine bright in the night and can complement a store’s branding signage. Electronic message centers can display hundreds of ads a night, rolling their messages by the thousands of people that could make the impulsive decision to stop in.

When considering the most effective utilization of your electric signs at night, you must first make sure they work! If fluorescent lamps are out in a cabinet sign or LED lighting is not working in a letter, then your image is compromised. It makes a negative statement about your brand. If they’re like me, most people are already frustrated about the long winter nights, so don’t add to their frustration level with poorly lit signage. Keeping up with sign maintenance is not that hard. Whether you own one shop or a whole chain of stores, it’s easy to find the help you need by calling Holiday Signs at (800) 229-9443. Our service area is most of Virginia, and our service area map can show you if we may be in range to become a viable partner. We’ll help you keep the lights on for a robust evening of sales and marketing, making sure your brand sufficiently lights up your fair share of the highway. Happy night-selling!