BRANDING GRACE FOR ALL: Church Signage Case Study- Grace Church, Northern Virginia


Church Signs, Part 2: Grace Church, Dumfries, VA GRACE

How do you spread the word of God? Signs can help.

In recent years, Grace Church has seen phenomenal growth, one of the fastest growing African American Churches in the nation and among the top 100 fastest growing of all churches.

Holiday Signs plays a part in helping the church bring in new members. A few years ago the church moved into a larger building, updated their branding, and hired Holiday Signs to produce their exterior and interior signage.

“The signs have helped people know that we are in the community,” said Teri Milton, Executive Ministry Coordinator with Grace Church.



Holiday Signs provided a large custom monument sign, two building-mounted signs and interior signs for the new location immediately off Route 1 in Prince William County, in Northern Virginia. The main identification sign has an eye-catching decorative aluminum top, the church name, new logo, and a full-color graphics panel that reminds the community they are not ethnic-grounded and open to everyone.

“Our signage helps us reach everyone: all cultures, all ages, families and singles,” said Ms. Milton.

Teri has been extremely pleased with the new branding signage and she paused to reflect upon its value: “The main signage at the road causes people to stop in and has been a great benefit for helping spread the word of God. We wanted signage that would draw people not to a building, but to a place where they know people matter to us.”

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