Hospital Signs from Holiday Signs


Hospital signs help inform patients, direct guests, and brand healthcare facilities. From bolstering brand identity to reducing administration costs, hospital signage is a growing industry with a continuous supply of new and sophisticated tools that spread hospital communication.

Patients today have more options than ever and Hospitals need a strong brand to stand out from the crowd. Powerful signage reinforces your brand image as patients and guests tour your facility.

Hospitals also require more from a sign company. You need a sign partner who understands all of the various Federal and State guidelines for compliance. You need a sign partner who can design and implement a way finding system of signage that is elegant and sophisticated while being easy to understand and use.

Aside from legal requirements, there are also new patient and visitor expectations for sign displays and other information services. Hospital wayfinding, patient locator services, clearly marked visitation and cell phone policies, as well as engaging waiting room signage and patient room TV content are standard services for modern hospital facilities. Moreover, effective marketing and branding initiatives are becoming more important than ever for medical care facilities to stay competitive in the healthcare marketplace.


Holiday Signs has the experience and the capabilities to design and install Hospital Signage that is efficient and effective. Our nearly limitless product line enables us to meet all of your signage needs. Exterior signs, interior kiosks and wayfinding, door vinyls, banners, name plates and room signage, and even more. Holiday Signs provides one stop shopping that not only offers convenience but consistent brand identity throughout your facility.

Holiday Signs has an experienced design team that can design complete families of interior and exterior signage with cost-effective materials that meet usability and design requirements. Our project managers guide hospital management to help execute branding initiatives within budget and on time. Our experienced install crews install signs in compliance with hospital standards and regulations.

Hospital Signage Experience


Hospitals rely on Holiday Signs to execute their signage programs from initial planning to execution. Our experience designing way finding systems and ability to create a clear eye-catching sign means that patients and guests to your facility get to their destinations with minimum hassle and stress.

Holiday Signs understands both the art and the science of creating a strong brand and a great user experience for your visitors. Our manufacturing capabilities ensure a superior, maintenance-free product delivered on time. If you do have a problem, or need to make a change, our service and support is there to provide professional and timely results.

The Impact of Hospital Signage

At its most basic level, hospital signage makes the hospital experience vastly easier to navigate creating a less stressful atmosphere at a time when tensions are running high. Trying to find the correct way to an area in a hospital can be a challenging task. When that hospital has multiple facilities the process becomes even more difficult and a messaging system delivering clear, up-to-date and targeted information eases patients’ and visitors’ journeys.

Consumers today have a wide range of healthcare options available. Their overall experience with your facility will influence their future healthcare decisions and recommendations. Well designed, consistently branded signage conveys a hospital’s professionalism, organization, and concern for patient needs.

Holiday Signs helps your hospital project the right image through consistant branding, improves efficiency with well designed auxiliary signage, and makes the process effortless with superior service and support. Contact us today to find out why Holiday Signs is the best choice for hospital signs.