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   Harpers Mill Subdivision wanted a bold entrance. As with any new construction project, the first hurdle is being able to envision the end result as you stare at a pile of ungraded earth. An important element of iconic entrance sign projects is being able to effectively coordinate things between the developer, the architect, the county, the utility companies and various trades and professions.

   Holiday Signs consulted with a surveyor to get the foundation placed exactly right and, working from his reference points, the huge limestone structure was placed just where it needed to be.

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   “Figuring out where to put the foundation in the midst of a big dirt pile and power line takes planning,” said Henry Moore, Project Manager at Holiday Signs.
   The finished signage boasts a waterfall and fountain. Many of the limestone blocks weighed 400 pounds and the end column with the community’s brand was 20′ high.  
   “The biggest challenge on larger projects like this is getting the concrete foundation right the first time to make sure all the subsequent pieces will fit together. The end product has to convey what the original design concept was all about. As project manager, you have to be able to look at all the parts and pieces in advance to make sure they will all go together as planned. If you miss one part, you have to do a lot of manipulation to make it all come together,” Henry said.

   Collaborating with the developers of Reynolds Crossing, a retail and medical office park off I-64, we created a unique entrance sign. The finished sign, taking the form of a large modern sculpture, conveys the corporate brand and took the ideas and workmanship of a talented staff to complete. A small-scale prototype was produced prior to manufacture so both customer and craftsmen understood the ultimate outcome. Being able to manufacture the complex compound curves of the sign’s design elements without a flaw was truly an art that few area sign companies can achieve.

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The iconic Reynolds Crossing sign in Richmond:

  •     Impacts passengers of 36,000 vehicles daily
  •     Impresses millions over its lifetime due to its enduring and eye-catching design

   Signs as part of a company’s regional branding efforts can become icons very quickly. With over 8 million sets of eyeballs right here in Virginia it pays to think big! And iconic branding makes a difference. Scientific studies show that the few select brands considered iconic enjoy a 58% top-of-mind awareness for customers versus a 36% awareness for those considered just strong brands.

  •     Iconic Brands become “super-familiar” versus just “familiar”
  •     “Super-familiar” brands are more likely to be considered for purchase over competing “familiar” brands

   When Capital Ale House opened its new Harrisonburg, Virginia location, they chose Holiday Signs to renovate the signage. In addition to new awnings, wall signs and parking lot signs, the existing oval shaped electric sign was refaced and retrofitted with flexible strip LED.

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   “The LED lighting around our Capital Ale House brand draws the attention we needed like the old style neon, yet uses much less power to operate,” said Matt Simmons, President of Capital Ale House.


  •     Provides bright and colorful lighting- a requirement of bright, inviting entrances;
  •     Just as bright as old generation neon or fluorescent lights, yet more economical;
  •     Easy to incorporate into customized signage for eye-catching effects.

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 The Winding Brook Development, located on I-95 in Hanover County, is becoming a retail hot spot.  Holiday Signs provided an eye-catching entrance monument there several years ago as the new retail center developed. The twenty-seven foot high sign touts a fourteen foot high fiberglass fish promoting the cornerstone tenant, Bass Pro Shops.

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    Two large metal signs mounted to its stone base identify the development as Winding Brook, and along with the big fish sculpture, create an unforgettable icon that provides:

  •     Immediate Customer Attraction
  •     Long-Term Brand-Building Results



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