Is Your Site Safe & Inviting at Night?

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Does site lighting impact sales for an organization? In the hospitality business, the answer is, “Yes.”

“Lighting at a hotel make’s a direct impression on a person’s feeling of safety and security,” says Perry Fridley, owner of Old Dominion Hospitality, Inc., of Waynesboro, Virginia.

His business operates the Best Western Plus Waynesboro Inn & Suites Conference Center, and the Waynesboro Days Inn.

“In the hotel business, people traveling alone or with families are especially influenced by the way a site lights up at night,” Perry said.

If the building’s entrance and walkway areas are dark and gloomy, they tend to choose another better-lit location for their stay where it feels safer.

Not Just for Brick & Mortar

Since 57% of reservations are booked on-line, hotel owners can be led into a false sense of security that site lighting and signage really don’t matter.  But reality is just the opposite.

Research by ROI Manager, a developer of hospitality marketing tools, indicates photo gallery sections of hotel websites are “clicked” over 97% of the time by visitors who book online. This means that having (or not having) positive night-time photos of a hotel’s exterior can impact online bookings as customer’s compare their options.


What makes a good exterior lighting system?

  • Clean and bright electric signs and electronic message centers that identify the brand and advertise its top amenities from all viewing angles,
  • Well-designed site lighting to fill the gap between property boundary and hotel entrance,
  • A balanced lighting system that’s warm and inviting to guests while making them feel safe and secure,
  • 100-foot minimal visibility at night for best safety and security,
  • To achieve an optimal lighting effect, more fixtures are often necessary to fill the lighting gaps, but size of fixtures can usually be reduced, actually lessening energy usage in most exterior lighting upgrades.


As you review the next Star (STR) Report, consider how your lighting and signage could improve your performance scores over comp hotel properties less interested in maximizing night-time image and security.





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