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  The biggest problem involving digital signs is not utilizing them for your business or organization. If zoning allows them and traffic counts indicate digital displays would work in attracting more business to your location than cost, then there’s a problem if you don’t consider their many possibilities.

  For those wise people already using digital signs, a common problem is under-utilizing the technology. LED’s overtook incandescent bulb technology years ago, yet there are still companies operating the old bulb-type units at great cost. Another problem is not utilizing full-color technology. Now that prices of full-color displays have dropped to former one-color price ranges, many people limit their potential for impact of sign communications by continuing to broadcast their messages in the monochrome world.

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How a display appears with non-functional LED Modules.

  I see so many examples of digital signs that you just can’t read. It takes a knowledgeable project manager to guide the sign buyer through the process of selecting just the right sign for his unique purpose and environment. In many cases pixel pitch, or spacing between LED’s, is too wide for the viewing zone. There is a church in my town that purchased a board with 26 MM pixel spacing when it needed at least 16MM or less spacing to be readable from where it sits just off the road with a 30MPH speed limit. A 26MM unit may work fine high in the air, off the road with a 55MPH speed limit, but not where it sits.
  Another element of design is overall aesthetics. Framing or lack of framing can make a difference in looks. Problems in aesthetics, in my opinion, arise when shapes, sizes, colors and designs of all components just don’t mesh with each other or your building’s architecture. Usually message displays are only one component of a free-standing sign. The way the message board relates to the branding signage is very important, and something both you, your customers, and the community have to live with after it’s installed. (SEE: Our Approach to Selling Signs-ENVIRONMENT)  

    Overheating kills cars, trucks, people, and signs…if left unmanaged. Fortunately, all top brands of digital signs are engineered to manage heat generated by the sign and the elements. Hot weather and direct sunlight can challenge the engineered heat resistance of any type of outdoor electric equipment, but there are several ways to deal with it.
  If a message center is equipped with ventilation fans, inspect them before a hot spell sets in. The leading manufacturers of electronic sign equipment typically post instructions about this on their website, or check with the local sign company who sold you the unit for advice.
  If the display is equipped with air filters, most digital sign brands recommend you check on those while inspecting the ventilation fans. Filters may need to be cleaned or replaced. Dirt and dust can clog them in the same fashion as air filters on your car or lawn equipment, so frequent inspections are suggested if your sign’s operation area is overly dusty.
  Make sure all of the display ventilation openings are unobstructed and allow free movement of air in and out of the display, and in areas surrounding the display. If you’re contemplating a purchase, ask about whether your digital sign unit is designed to have special spacing between structural poles and other adjoining sign cabinets. All reputable brands typically offer a 5-year parts warranty and some include labor, but if not installed to the manufacturer’s specs, heat issue repairs may not be covered.
  See https://holidaysigns.com/maintenance-cost-of-digital-signs-2/ for 5 THINGS THAT CAN GO WRONG DURING ROUTINE OPERATION


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