Sign ROI Calculator

Use the calculator below to calculate the potential return on investment from a new EMC and the cost per 1,000 for reaching potential customers. For an explanation of the math used to calculate these numbers, please request our whitepaper “The ABC’s of EMC’s“.

Having trouble deciding on what the sign cost or traffic count should be? The nature of signage prevents us from making generalizations about how much a sign should cost. Contact one of our project managers for a free site survey and traffic analysis, we can give you a ballpark on what an appropriate sign for your location would cost and can determine your traffic count.

Sign Cost: Daily Sales:
Expected Increase: % Profit Margin: %
Traffic Count: Anticipated Electricity Cost:
Message Center Daily Cost:
Exposures per day:
Cost per 1,000:
Daily Revenue Increase:
Daily Profit Increase:
Yearly Revenue Increase:
Yearly Profit Increase:
Payoff Time:
Residual Profit:
Total Profit: