How to Get Sign Permits- Getting the Most Signs Allowed


CASE STUDY: HOW TO GET SIGN PERMITS AND STILL GET NOTICED November 2013-General Signage-Permitting-Pioneer Bank   

High Visibility
  In 2012 Holiday Signs created customized branding for a new branch of Pioneer Bank in Charlottesville, Virginia. This year the Stanley-based company expanded into Ruckersville and called on us again for signage. The bank’s new site had outstanding visibility since it was positioned at the entrance to a new Wal-Mart Super-Center at the intersection of Routes 29 and 33 in a fast growing area of Greene County; so how to get sign permits that were generous to business marketers out of the County’s zoning ordinance for sign allowances was an important matter.

Providing “Brand Punch”November 2013-General Signage-Permitting-Pioneer Bank
  PW Campbell was the General Contractor for the construction of the new branch. Our contract for the signs was with Pioneer, but all coordination was through PW Campbell. The bank and the general contractor contacted us saying they had talked with the county and were only allowed one building mounted sign. Understanding the significant value of bright and eye-catching signage for customers with highly visible locations, Holiday Signs always digs deep into finding ways to get the most “punch” for our clients. By right, customers are often allowed more signage than they realize. In some instances, where restrictive codes limit customers’ visibility, we can serve as their consultant requesting special code variances on their behalf. Sometimes we are also able to suggest simple sign design ideas that can help raise attention when signs are limited in size and quantity by local codes.

Three Times As Much Impact

  After further research into the Greene County Zoning Ordinance, we were able to get Pioneer Bank three times as much sign area above what they had originally perceived they were allowed. This was a huge achievement because instead of only being able to utilize one small building-mounted logo on one side of the Backup_of_Blog Blurbs 11-13heavily traveled corner, they could now promote three new logos offering 24-hour identity and branding. One logo could face the sizable volume of traffic turning off Route 29, and the other two could face the critical Wal-Mart entrance road. 

Pioneer’s Ruckersville Branch opened earlier this year with prominent signs on three sides of the building, achieving maximum exposure for the bank’s new location.


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Contact: Mark Hackley, Account Executive