Branding on a Budget: Using Vacuum Formed Sign Letters ON A BUDGET


“Good-Better-Best” Options incorporate their customized logos and taglines into their facilities’ identification signage to promote clear and consistent branding themes across all media channels and various physical locations.

To be effective, big, bold branding statements need to pop off buildings and into the eyes of passing customers and prospects around the clock. But “big and bold” can sometimes challenge budgets allocated for signage. When employing the “good, better, best” model to sign design, sometimes “good” or “better” can work just fine, depending on the situation.

Plastic Solutions are certain times when a customer’s parking lot and site lighting is sufficient in lighting up branding signs at night, opening the possibilities for channel letter alternatives.

Some of the most popular font variations don’t necessarily have to be custom made, especially when they don’t need illumination. Holiday Signs has access to templates and molds for many standard type styles that save customers the cost of starting from scratch in creating customized letters.

For applications where using standard fonts can do the job without the need for internal lighting, our project managers may suggest vacuum formed letters, like in the case of Mobility Supercenter. Since they had a large, highly visible wall, big, bold letters were a must. To meet the customer’s visibility needs and budget, we recommended vacuum formed plastic letters that have lower manufacturing and installation costs when compared to custom fabricated aluminum channel letters with LED lighting. this particular application, using formed plastic letters (lit by existing site lighting) offered some of the 3-dimensional qualities and durability of custom fabricated aluminum letters. The non-illuminated plastic letters have a reduced graphic impact and effect after dark compared with channel letters, but remain visible enough after sunset to do the job at a reduced cost.


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