VA Commercial Real Estate Group Rockin’ on the River

www.holidaysigns-chester-va-viadaHampton Roads Commercial Real Estate Group “Rockin’ on the River”


Portsmouth, VA- Lots of people came out to the 9th Annual “Rockin’ on the River” networking event this week hosted by the Hampton Roads Association of Commercial Real Estate (HRACRE). The big gathering was at the Ocean Marine Yacht Center on night.

Greeted by a humongous flag hanging from the rafters as you entered the large boat storage warehouse that housed all the fun, you expected to see Bruce Springsteen or Willie Nelson cranking out some tunes at it’s base. But lo and behold there actually were two guys down there, just not Bruce or Willie, strumming guitars and singing to the crowd as they enjoyed loads of good food and an evening of networking together.

Many times over the course of the year, HRACRE gets together for these types of events. It is a good way to meet new people involved in the commercial real estate industry in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I met a few new people this week, a bank VP, and two commercial developers; and got to know a little more about a commercial real estate appraiser that I had met earlier as an HRACRE member.  If you have an interest in this group, please contact me about joining up!