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  When you think of signage for hamburger places you often think of bright red and yellow electric signs. But when a hamburger restaurant is different, so are its signs!
   Back-lit letters are often used to define a unique brand of exceptional quality. Burger Bach features New Zealand-grass-fed beef burgers, fresh salads and even mussels as sides. Since stellar burgers require stellar signs, Burger Bach recently hired Holiday Signs to create the new custom signs with reverse channel letters for their West Broad Village location in Glen Allen, Virginia.
   Back-lit letters are produced by custom forming letters to match a company’s logo style and are lit from behind. There are many materials available for the letters depending on the exact look the customer wants to project about its brand. The lighting is produced with LED modules that are fastened to the backs of the letters. Light is off the wall behind the letters to produce a neat halo effect around the letters.

  The landlord at their new location wanted to make sure the existing canopy was not damaged in any way. If their tenant moved on, they expected it to remain in its original condition. But since Burger Bach needed back-lit letters to make a bold statement and match its existing branding in Carytown, the existing canopy was too small for what was needed.
   Holiday Signs‘ project managers recommended an ACM canopy to cover the existing canopy that could be easily removed without damage. Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) consists of two aluminum cover sheets with a plastic core. The products are lightweight and are the material of choice for many architects and industrial designers involved with corporate signage projects.
  By recommending an ACM wrap with no exposed fasteners or seams that could be readily removed in the future, the landlord signed off on the idea and really likes the end result.



Mark Hackley, Account Executive

Holiday Signs

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