6 WAYS TO INCREASE HOLIDAY SALES Wwww.holidaysigns.com-richmond-fredericksburg-halifax-orange-harrisonburg-lynchburg-roanoke-electronic-message-centers-digital-signs-signageITH DIGITAL SIGNS

Ways to Increase Sales with Digital Signs by Mark Hackley, Account Executive

This year will bring retailers many more tech-savvy buyers, more inclined to read a computer screen than a newspaper or magazine, mostly into bright, eye-catching and ever-changing movements of a fast-paced world. That’s why now is a good time to compare the return on investment of a digital sign advertising program to your present, perhaps soon-to-be obsolete, marketing strategies for the years ahead.

If you currently use on-premise digital advertising signs, here are six good tips to increase sales. If you don’t yet use digital, perhaps it’s a good time to seriously consider electronic signage:

●  Feature Hot Items and Profit Leaders to drive up sales

Decide which profit-leaders are in demand and feature those on your electronic message center(s), strategically positioned on your property for highest visibility from traffic. Research shows that sales on items advertised on digital signage can increase over 15 percent.

●  Utilize Cooperative Advertising

Manufacturers and distributors are always looking to sell more product— and so are you. Shouldn’t that mean potential sponsorship opportunities for you to capitalize on right now? Do you think sales would sizzle if more people knew about special deals and promotions? Manufacturers often pay to help you advertise their products on your signage. Utilizing co-op dollars can potentially fund your entire digital program!

●  Advertise your customer loyalty program

Loyalty programs are great ways to create fanatically loyal customers. Let your best customers know that you have a loyalty program and advertise limited-time incentives to give customers reasons to sign up today.

www.holidaysigns.com-richmond-digital-signs●  Offer and publicize special deals to spread the word and make money

What better way to publicize a sale or deal than on a digital sign, making it known to your customers and the world? Just keep posting specials on your signage and watch how word spreads and revenues increase.

●  Tell customers your story and what makes you different

People don’t connect with manufacturers, products — or even money. They connect with other people, emotions and ideals that help them lead a better, happier life. Believe it or not, they want to hear your story and the story of your business — and what separates you from your competitors. Tell them your story and see customer loyalty and engagement surge! If allowed by local codes, create a video or a simple, short slideshow with pictures they can relate to. Inspire them and make them connect with your story. Then watch loyalty — and profits — soar.

●  Engage customers and give them helpful information

Showing people that you care can go a long way. And you can show your customers that you care by giving them useful information about the weather, their stocks or other customer’s testimonials while they’re driving by or sitting at the traffic light adjacent to your sign. Digital signage can easily help with all of these so your customers can have a world-class shopping experience — and know what kind of winter weather or traffic delays to expect on their way around town— courtesy of you.





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(Suggestions and recommendations have been adapted from a great post by R. McClymonds of Mvix USA.)