Advantages of Electronic Messaging for Campus Safety-Part 1

Advantages of Electronic Messaging for Campus Safety

Part 1: Colleges & Universities


  For retailers, street-side digital signage turns traffic into customers. For campus facilities and safety managers, digital signs can save lives!

  It’s hard to imagine the terror the students and staff must have felt in Blacksburg more than seven years ago as they began their usually routine morning in unexpected chaos.  How can we ever forget the Virginia Tech tragedy of 2007 that took 33 lives and wounded many more?  According to statistics about similar tragedies, since the Virginia Tech Massacre there have been 58 US school shooting incidents involving deaths that have taken 161 more lives.(1) The unpredictability of these types of events has led many of our area educational facilities to think of better ways to communicate in a crisis.


Dec 2014 Digital Signs Campus Comms.pic 1  Over the years we have consulted with area colleges and universities, and also primary and secondary schools, about electronic message centers (EMC’s). In addition to posting information about upcoming events and other non-emergency things, EMC’s can also be utilized as important safety tools.

  Strategically placed digital signs can alert students and staff of threats and help direct people to safety. Exterior electronic LED sign boards can be linked together with interior LCD displays to make comprehensive emergency communications systems for educational facilities.  By using open networks with secure internet access, updates can be posted quickly and remotely and broadcast simultaneously across a wide campus area. Various technologies including RSS feeds allow campus administrators to interrupt scheduled content with important emergency messages and updates as incidents materialize on campus.

  Changeable messaging systems have evolved. From yesterday’s text-only incandescent message Dec 2014 Digital Signs Campus Comms.pic 2boards to today’s LED displays that not only produce text, but full-color graphic images and video, Holiday Signs has been involved in helping customers take advantage of their many applications. Those interested in improving campus safety should strongly consider utilizing digital signage when planning for the future.   

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Mark Hackley

Account Executive



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