Inside Story on Lobby Signs


Using Interior Lobby Walls to Promote Your Brand




Over ninety percent of our projects concern outdoor signs, but many times an organization will utilize us for interior graphics as well. We often design and fabricate entire wayfinding systems for buildings, but many times we simply help companies by branding interior spaces.

In a recent project for Hammond Townsend, PLC, a law firm based in Fishersville, Virginia, we helped brand entry ways at three offices in Fishersville, Harrisonburg and Roanoke. Prior to the project, visual branding was not used as customers entered the lobby areas. An effective and inexpensive way to increase corporate brand recognition is to reproduce the company logo in three dimensional interior graphics.

In the case of Hammond Townsend:

  • Client had its previously cream color entry walls all painted the same deep blue color and used silver colored wall letters.
  • All graphics were fabricated from black acrylic with a brushed aluminum laminate on the faces.
  • To add dimension, spacers were added to the backs of the letters that lifted the logos off the wall to cast deeper shadows.

Laminated interior lettering and logos can be custom fabricated from many material options including aluminum and brass. Solid bronze, brass, and aluminum graphics are also used in many cases. There are also LED illuminated letter options where a company’s brand can be emphasized by using special halo-type lighting effects. Other options include etched glass and acrylic, gold leaf, copper, patina metal finishes, and many other special materials for customized looks. 


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