Communicate with Custom Awnings and Stay Within Code



One way retailers can add pizzazz to their storefront and boost attention to their brand is to add custom awnings to their building.  But many times local codes can make effective design options a challenge.


Augusta Health, an independently operated community hospital in the Shenandoah Valley, uses awnings to help identify its off-campus retail locations.  In addition to providing custom electric signage, we help them maximize attention with custom awnings.

Some of their facilities lie in zoning districts that prohibit awnings with illuminated backgrounds, but allow lettering to be illuminated at night. In these cases, we are able to provide awnings using Sunbrella opaque burgundy fabric with di-electrically welded white graphics. (Di-electric welding, or RF welding, is a process where an electromagnetic field works to combine the atomic and molecular structures of two fabrics together.) Opaque awning material is cut out for lettering then underlayed with a different translucent material to allow the wording to light up at night.



Capital Ale House has six restaurant locations in Virginia. When they opened their newest location in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the owner wanted to utilize the existing awnings to help brand the new store and maximize attention at the highly visible corner location.

The existing awnings were worn and matched the previous tenant’s brand. The owner chose Sunbrella opaque black awnings to match his new branding, however a new city ordinance required a greater ground clearance for awnings than what existed. In addition to updating the custom electric sign and awning fabric, part of the project included provisions for moving the awning framework up a level to meet code.

Adding or updating custom awnings and electric signs can help get the attention your business deserves. Make sure you partner with a sign company that understands the importance of branding and how to maximize code allowances to turn traffic into customers.   


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