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Airport Wayfinding Signs

 Lionberger Construction of Roanoke, Virginia chose Holiday Signs to provide the wayfinding signs for the Roanoke Regional Airport Improvements Project in Roanoke.

Airport official Sherry Wallace said one of the biggest issues of their passengers was not being able to find the restrooms. The estimated $3.1 million renovation project included provisions for new terminal and gate directional signage, including improved wayfinding for restroom areas.

In addition to working closely with our client, Lionberger Construction, the Holiday Signs design, production, and installation teams interfaced with architects from Baker Inc., and wayfinding consultants from Valancourt International to provide new and improved signage that enhanced the renovated spaces at the airport while at the same time resolved old problems air travelers had with finding their way around.

 The project consisted of an all-aluminum system with custom brushed finishes. The ceiling mounted signs in the terminal required special equipment for installation due to the height above the floor level. Each sign type comprising the new system was prototyped and reviewed prior to construction in Richmond. Several recommendations for design improvements were suggested by Holiday Signs and worked into the final project. Signs were designed in strict accordance with ADA and FAA guidelines. Full-size scaled templates of every sign were prepared prior to final production for approval of typefaces, letter heights, spacing, and wording by the wayfinding consultant and architect.

One of the biggest challenges was the timing of the project. The airport management team had well-defined completion goals and Holiday Signs effectively coordinated design, prototypes, fabrication, security clearances for workers and final installation within very strict phasing time frames.

This phase of a multi-phase renovation project began last summer and is in the final stages of completion.

 Roanoke Airport Wayfinding Photo


Signs were designed, manufactured and installed in

accordance with strict ADA, FAA and Homeland

Security guidelines and procedures.






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