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The goal of the HRACRE gathering today at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, besides being a chance to network with hundreds of professionals in the Tidewater area’s commercial development industry, was to be the one with the most creative animal print outfit. I wore a starched white button down with a pair of khakis to represent a polar bear that was in the water too long, white on top and a little tan on the bottom. The winning participant won because her leopard-spotted dress matched her shoes. I thought my outfit was more creative!

At any rate, since a zoo can be considered commercial real estate, I guess we got the chance to meet with different types of commercial Virginia Commercial Retailtenants…mainly Boa constrictors, African scorpions and South American armadillos. We all had a great time trying to win the door prize by filling out questionnaires about each other provided by the Hampton Roads Chapter of Women in Design. Spending the first part of the evening trying to find people who bit their fingernails, didn’t like chocolate, or flossed two times a day provided a great way to induce a long-lasting networking session amongst the crowd.

Since I am a member of the HRACRE group’s Membership Committee, I feel it’s only right that I offer a link about this fine organization for those interested in future networking opportunities with developers, architects, engineers, contractors, and other Tidewater companies involved in commercial development: www.hracre.org.


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