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Benefits of Digital Signs

Benefits of Digital Signs- Great Bait for Big Fish Choosing the Right Lure In the retail industry, electronic signage designed to capture the eyes of drive-by audiences gives business owners and marketers the ability to build loyalty and brand awareness, enhance customer experiences, and drive financial outcomes. A recent study by Point of Purchase Advertising […]

Hospital Branding- Does Wayfinding Improve Patient Satisfaction?

Does Wayfinding Improve Patient Satisfaction? 7 WAYS TO IMPROVE PATIENT SATISFACTION These days, hospitals are concerned with the overall patient experience, especially patient satisfaction, as it relates to positive branding and marketing. Since patient feedback also affects levels of government reimbursement, patient satisfaction is a timely and important issue for healthcare marketing professionals to seriously consider. […]

Would You Do Business With YOU?

Time for a Company Sign Inspection?    I attended a marketing seminar yesterday where they were discussing effective direct mail campaigns. They mentioned you have one second to affect the decision of a potential customer as they look at your mail piece with their hand over the trash can. That means you really have to […]