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What’s the Cost to Add Message Boards to Signs?

What’s the Cost to Add Message Boards to Signs? 3 TYPES OF CHANGEABLE MESSAGING:   Adding a changeable message board to your existing main identification sign kills two birds with one stone. You effectively brand your business while advertising your products and services at the same time, a winning combination! To get to the cost to […]

What’s the Operating Cost of Digital Signs?

What’s the Operating Cost of Digital Signs? JUDGING THE POWER COSTPeople interested in digital messaging often ask, “What’s the operating cost of digital signs?” That’s a very valid question.  People investing tens of thousands of dollars in digital signage need a basis to formulate an accurate operating budget.  So is there an easy way to estimate […]

What’s the Maintenance Cost of Digital Signs?

What’s the Maintenance Cost of Digital Signs? THE BIG UNKNOWN What is the maintenance cost of digital signs? You may be contemplating digital signage as a potential marketing tool but you’re concerned about the after-sale costs. Just like any other equipment, digital signs wear out over time, but how much do they cost to repair?  […]

How Much Does a Digital Sign Cost ?

How Much Does a Digital Sign Cost ? Article by Mark Hackley, Holiday Signs   Contact: mhackley@holidaysigns.com GOOD QUESTION  How much does a digital sign cost? Dave Elmore, owner of Bookkeeping and Management Systems in Central Virginia, says he has over 300 business clients and not a single one has a line item for signage. Similarly […]

Keeping Up With Other C-Stores – Benefits of Sign Upgrades

Keeping Up with Competing Convenience Stores The Benefits of Sign Upgrades BIG CHALLENGE  Uppy’s is a chain of convenience stores based in Richmond, Virginia. They faced a big challenge when two super-regional convenience store chains moved into the area and drastically changed their marketplace.   Uppy’s made the decision to improve their stores to maintain […]

Signage for Theme Parks

Always in Need of the Spectacular Sign Custom Signage for Theme Parks – Kings Dominion   SIGNAGE FOR THEME PARKS   Kings Dominion is Central Virginia’s most exciting theme park, with over 50 rides, live family entertainment, a 19-acre water park and the largest collection of roller coasters on the East Coast.  They are constantly […]

Outstanding Examples of Electric Sign Projects near Richmond VA

Examples of Electric Sign Projects in Richmond VA   Many times customers ask to see examples of electric sign projects we’ve done for other clients around Richmond, Virginia. The following is a montage of examples of electric sign projects with links to case studies about each project. (Click photos.)   If you are looking for […]

Successful Reimaging Project – Pearson Auto Group VA

Successful Reimaging Project in Richmond, Virginia HUGE UNDERTAKING  Pearson Auto Group is a collection of signature auto dealerships in Central Virginia whose product lines include Infiniti, Lincoln Mercury, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Dodge and Toyota. They were interested in elevating the Pearson brand in the minds of their customers. They instituted a large scale reimaging project […]

VA Signage Consultants

VA SIGNAGE CONSULTANTS There are many outstanding VA sign consultants available for sign design projects in VA, NC, MD and DC. Here are several of the best VA signage consultants: AB Design of Richmond, VA designs visual communication systems that coordinate both the communication of the message and understanding of the audience and environment in […]

Unified Signage

UNIFIED SIGNAGE: THE WILTON COMPANIES     AIM FOR ICONIC RECOGNITION   How quickly do people recognize your brand from the street? Also, how many of them remember you after they pass your site? It’s important not to forget your brick and mortar branding as you focus on customer’s on-line experiences with your business.   […]