I’m Working On This Mustang Because of My Digital Sign Messages!

www.holidaysigns-digital-signs-richmond-virginiaDIGITAL SIGNS WORK- Since I am involved in custom electric signage sales, I drive all over the state of Virginia, or is it more proper to say the Commonwealth of Virginia? At any rate, as I drive everywhere I notice many areas with pockets of digital signs. (Some people call them electronic signs and some electronic message centers. They have so many names for the same product. We usually stick with Electronic Message Centers or EMC’s for short. But a lot of people call them Digital Signs.) I’m not sure what you refer to them as, but I think you know what I am talking about. The top brands are Watchfire and Daktronics. We handle them all, and they are all quite similar in specifications and options.Some may be built a little more water tight than others and some may have a few more features, like automatic light sensors to adjust the message’s brightness, but generally similar.www.holidaysigns.com-waynesboro-va-elctronic-signs

Above all the bells and whistles of the equipment, we tend to emphasize more of what these signs can do to help you grow sales. Our project managers even have a new tool that can really help customers as they consider EMC’s for their business advertising. (You should get in touch with us if you are interested in that.) As I drive around, I tend to notice what all the digital sign messages are saying. What is getting my attention, and what seems to be a waste of prime advertising space? Today I drove down Rt. 250 in Augusta County, VA where the weather has turned cold overnight.  I noticed several digital signs telling me to like them on Facebook. In fact, on my return trip, I realized the only sequence on several signs was “Like us on Facebook” and the “Time and Temperature,” which was 39 degrees, so it really is getting colder.  These types of messages do draw my attention to the main business sign, therefore seeming to have some value; but the real meat is in the rotation of many customized message ads used by several businesses I passed. I actually just responded to a well thought-out ad that had some attractive graphic design.


Mark Martin of Mark Martin’s Auto World, Waynesboro, VA

The message getting the most of my attention was: “It’s time for that State Inspection” at Mark Martin’s Auto World, who owns and operates a full-color 20MM Daktronics unit on a section of the highway with over 15,000 vehicles per day passing by. Knowing that my car was ready for an inspection, I turned in.  Talking with owner, Mark Martin, he told me that he prepares his line-up of messages months in advance, and he switches up the rotation on each cycle. He told me that about 3 years ago he halted his full-page Yellow Pages ads and replaced those ad dollars with electronic messaging. He said that his ad budget is actually less while his business has grown more each year since implementing the new on-premise advertising sign. DIGITAL SIGNS DO WORK!


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