How Memorial Brick Programs Can Fund Church Signage


How Bricks Can Finance an Electronic Message Center


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Just Another Brick in the Wall?


   Small, modular building units about 2.5 inches high by 8 inches wide. Who would ever think they could add so much value to an organization? 

“Our sign is an interesting story,” says Dr. Jim Lavender, the founding pastor of Henrico County’s Discovery United Methodist Church. “It has been very effective and a great thing to have done,” he continues.

  Dr. Lavender’s church had Holiday Signs construct a new church sign with money raised through a memorial brick program. Surprisingly, memorial brick programs are underutilized by many churches with highly visible real estate who could quickly raise the money needed to benefit from the exposure provided by electronic signage.

Easy Short-Term Fundraising

Dr. Jim Lavender, Discovery United Methodist Church

  Inscribed bricks help organizations of any size raise funds for marketing. Special memorial bricks are ordered for about $25 a brick and members often give up to 10 times their cost leading to very successful fundraising campaigns. Once the sign is purchased and installed, the memorial bricks become a permanent part of the sign’s foundation, making a lasting memorial to the names inscribed.

  “Our memorial brick campaign was a huge success,” explains Dr. Lavender.

  “The sign cost about $45,000 and we were able to assemble funds in two weeks,” he says. “We are not a really strong church financially and this was a significant surprise!”


24-Hour Advertising Made Possible

   “Churches all over the country are discovering how creating excitement out by the road translates into increased membership, a more connected community, and an appeal to the youth of your town,” according to Stephen Cook in his article in Religious Product News titled Transitioning to 21st Century Church Signage.

It’s really neat to see the sign doing it’s job twenty-four a day broadcasting events to the community, and then walking up close and reading all the names of those both past and present who made such an effective evangelistic device possible.

  “I strongly recommend this kind of stewardship program for other churches, regardless of size,” emphasizes Jim.



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