Effective Signage Systems Can Help Virginia Private Schools Succeed

www.holidaysigns-chester-va-viadaFresh, Bright, Clean Signage Systems Can Help Enrollment at Virginia’s Private Schools

www.holidaysigns-va-waynesboro-school-signs-facilities-signage-designIt’s that time of year again. Back to school season is here. Since there were 1,273,211 children enrolled in K-12 education last fall (according to Virginia Department of Education 2013-2014 statistics) most Virginians will be thinking of public school for education when August and September roll around. But Virginia is home to almost 1,000 private institutions!

It’s a fact. There are 921 private schools in Virginia serving 132,268 students, meaning 10.38% of all Virginia parents with K-12 kids, excluding those choosing to home-school, have opted to send their children to private schools.

With that many schools reaching out for a fair share of the private education pie, marketing must play a big role. How a private school markets itself to stand apart from another must make a significant difference in enrollment.

One key aspect of any good marketing plan is signage. Believe it or not, how well a private school’s sign package conveys their brand identity can offer the following benefits:

  • Helps keep a consistent image in the minds of candidates as they browse a school’s website and visit a facility in person. If the two images don’t mesh in their minds, it can leave negative impressions as they compare schools, and they just may opt for the competitor.
  • Helps attract support from the local community. If a private school looks good in the community, then local residents wanting a good education for their kids will consider local options before looking out of the area for a better school. Also, when a facility looks sharp, it attracts financial support from alumni and local community supporters. Of course, the school’s administration and programs are the real strengths, but marketing images make important first impressions. 
  • Helps staff and students feel charged up and positive. They may not know exactly why, but when any aspects of the school’s buildings, grounds, and facilities (including the organization’s facility signage system) are not attended to regularly, the overall warm and fuzzy feelings of being at such a great place can turn ugly very quickly. 

Signage is often an overlooked element of an organization’s brand. (Read a more detailed article about this topic here.) Good luck with your brand image as another school year begins. Contact Holiday Signs anytime for help with custom electric signs, exterior and interior architectural signage, wayfinding and digital messaging.


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