Part 3- Blast Your Message to the Masses: Green Top Sporting Goods, Ashland, VA

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If you have ever asked the question: “Are digital signs effective?” then read on…

Green Top Sporting Goods has been a destination for hunting and fishing enthusiasts since 1947.   Incredibly, with several national big box competitors in the marketplace, they flourished; outgrowing their former site and moving to a location five times larger, which ironically was formerly occupied by their national rival, Gander Mountain.  Holiday Signs was chosen to brand their new store with an eye-catching custom sign package.   


Location, Location, Location

Most retailers don’t realize the value of the customers who pass by their front door everyday.   Customers want convenience and special offers and are more likely to stop if they are in the area; especially if you give them a reason.  Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) have come a long way over the years and now the technology can provide full color high quality images; much better than the fashioned time and temperature displays.    They are also the most effective method of advertising with a cost per thousand many times lower than other advertising methods. 


Green Top is located just off I-95 and with excellent visibility from both the North and South bound lanes; their store is seen by more than 130,000 vehicles EVERY day.


“It was all about the traffic count,” agreed Bob Strepka, Director of Marketing and Advertising for Green Top Sporting Goods of Ashland.


Maximizing Attention without Overpowering the Brand

Green Top was considering adding an Electronic Message Center (EMC) but didn’t want to their new identification signage.   They were familiar with the successes of businesses utilizing them and knew adding one to their sign package would drive additional business to their store.   


A much smaller unit was originally considered, but after careful consideration and a series of renderings, they decided to maximize the code allowance.  Fortunately the timber frame architecture of their building gave them the perfect location to incorporate an EMC.   


Business has been exceptional.  “People are coming into the store as a direct result of seeing the EMC,” Strepka said.


Ease of Use

“We didn’t spend a lot of effort in getting it up and running,” Strepka said. “We’re still experimenting with designs and working with on getting new content.”  When asked how co-op advertising plays into their scheme, Bob replied, “Do we consider having conversations with vendors about co-op opportunities on our sign? You bet.”


Positive considerations for a larger digital sign:  

  • maximized what was allowed by code
  • fit nicely into building’s architecture
  • complimented existing branding signage


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Are Digital Signs Effective

Contributed by Jonathan Dabney,

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