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Branding Kings Dominion’s 40th Anniversary



Kings Dominion Communications Manager, Katelyn Sherwood at the new 40th Celebration sign.


Kings Dominion wanted a colorful sign to help its guests feel a fresh and exciting energy in the air as they step through the park’s gates and onto International Street this year. They chose Holiday Signs to help brand their 40th Celebration by building an iconic entrance sign.

The new sign icon, essentially a set of ground-mounted channel letters emphasizing the 40th Celebration in bright and festive colors, was part of many enhancements made to the park’s entryway. Re-energized lighting at the park’s iconic fountain and repainted buildings lining International Street also now greet visitors as they enter the park.



“The new sign has become the centerpiece for the celebration,” said Katelyn Sherwood, Communications Manager for Kings Dominion.

“Everybody stops and takes pictures of it as they come in the park,” she said.


ON-GOING SOLUTIONSwww.holidaysigns.com-kings-dominion-richmond-virginia

When working for theme parks, hospital systems, shopping centers, retail chains, etc., Holiday Signs collaborates with a variety of administrative staff involved with marketing and facilities management. 

I asked Steve Blissert, the Sign & Paint Shop Supervisor for Kings Dominion, how we have been able to help him throughout the years.

www.holidaysigns.com-centerpiece-signage-channel-letters-richmond-va“I have been working with Holiday Signs well over 30 years, and 20 years here at Kings Dominion.  It’s easy to sum up how Holiday Signs has helped us over the years,” Steve said.

Holiday Signs is one of the few organizations in the area that we can repeatedly call on to assess our situation, ascertain the best way to get the job done within our budget, and then complete and install the project prior to our deadline,” he said.

We are happy to be able to help Kings Dominion promote and celebrate its 40th anniversary amongst its many guests in 2014!



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Mark Hackley, Account Executive

(804) 796-9443


To kick off its 40th Celebration, Kings Dominion will debut its inaugural Spring Bloom Festival

from April 5th through May 18th, 2014. The special event will transform International Street

into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors with thousands of blooms.

Guests will be able to taste unique spring foods and beverages, enjoy toe-tapping entertainment,

and participate in hands-on activities Saturdays. You won’t want to miss it! 

SEE www.kingsdominion.com for more information.


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