How to Start Digital Advertising ?


Part 4: How to Start Digital Advertising ?“People are coming into the store as a direct result of the EMC.”Bob Strepka, Director of Marketing, Green Top Sporting Goods


Your Own Media Network

Radio, TV, print and Yellow Page ad channels are all great, but you don’t own the channel or influence the huge volume of potential customers right at your front door with the highest likelihood of stopping in. You’re just buying their space, and it’s expensive.

What if you owned and controlled the media network?

With digital signage you do. Building a solid, on-going, low-cost, in-house marketing program is one of the many benefits of owning a digital sign. So what is needed to start digital advertising ?


Non-Stop Commercials at a Fixed Rate

Owning an electronic message center clicks on the switch for an endless flow of content creation that eventually turns traffic into customers.  The time you invest in good content creation turns into a real profit center and it doesn’t take long to become your own marketing machine.


“Communicating our message has never been easier.” Norman Way, Director of Operations, Puritan Cleaners


Point-of-Transit Advertising Works

Digital Signage can be divided into these three most common situations:

  • Point of Transit: Outdoor message centers grab the eyes of passing consumers for brief periods of time; Focus on establishing brand identity while mixing in promotions using visually attractive content in short bursts;
  • Point of Wait: Message centers where customers have to wait; Concentrated on longer feel-good infomercials enhancing the overall customer experience;
  • Point of Sale: In-store or drive-thru monitors among active shoppers that focus on building incremental sales by promoting an immediate call-to-action.

A complete digital signage system – one that you completely own and operate yourself – can persuade people to shop at your store, then help up-sell your products once they get in.


“HoneyBaked Ham has seen double-digit increases since the digital sign was installed!” Kathy & David Crawford, Owners, HoneyBaked Ham


Holiday Signs provides ROI analysis, hardware, software, financing and training for clients with high traffic count locations interested in adding Digital Signage to their existing Comprehensive Marketing Strategy.












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