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Savvy developers are employing Electronic Message Centers to grow their customer base and drive traffic to their tenants’ stores.


Holiday Signs recently added two large full-color Electronic Message Centers (EMC’s) to an existing double-faced entrance pylon at Towne Center West, a Lifestyle Center owned by Breeden Companies. It is located next door to a 1.3 million square foot Super Regional Center, so competition for shoppers is intense.

Prior to the addition of these EMC’s, most of the inline tenants had limited visibility to the 25,000+ cars that pass by the center each day. These tenants had spent countless advertising dollars to draw customers into their shops, but that only produced limited results. Breeden, anxious to help their tenants increase their visibility and draw in new customers, hired Holiday Signs to evaluate their center.HoneyBaked Blurb

Holiday Signs specializes in helping developers and shopping center management revitalize the signage for their centers. Many times they recommend updating signage with updated design, new graphics, tenant panels or fresh paint but in this case the main identification sign was only a few years old. A thorough analysis suggested the addition of two new EMC’s to the existing pylon would give the tenants their much needed visibility.

Once the EMCs were in place and the messages started rolling, tenants began to see an immediate increase in traffic to their stores.

Electronic Message Centers are the most effective way to increase traffic for retailers.

 “The advertising sign is working great for us,” said Kathy Crawford co-owner of HoneyBaked Ham. “HoneyBaked Ham has seen double-digit increases since the digital sign was installed,” chimed in her husband and co-owner, David Crawford. He said it’s even better that the HoneyBaked Ham corporate office provides digital content for the sign.

Steady Stream of Advertising Revenue for Landlords


Adding an EMC to your signage package is a great way to attract new tenants while retaining existing ones. Many retailers see value in having their message prominently displayed to potential customers and most will gladly contribute a portion of their marketing budgets to reach them. Landlords understand the value of utilizing EMC’s as revenue generators because they are now able to charge their tenants for the number of messages they run each day, week or month. Compared with radio, television and direct mail, the cost per thousand is lower and infinitely more effective that other forms of advertising.

Plus, now is a great time to go digital! EMC’s are considered depreciable equipment and the American Taxpayer Relief Act offers significant tax benefits for equipment purchased in 2013.


Read a similar story of how another US shopping center uses EMC’s.October 2013 Digital Messaging-Shopping Center EMC's


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