Will Your Signs and Brand Survive the Snow Storm?


Let it Snow…


Preparing for another snowstorm here in Virginia got me thinking about some good tips regarding bad weather and signage.

It may be a little late to get your signs ready for tonight’s big snow, but here are a few items you should consider during snow season:



  • Make sure your electric signs are working properly and shining bright before a storm. It’s hard to get equipment out for service work during hazardous snow and ice conditions, so it’s best to plan for regular maintenance each fall before the bad weather hits. If the sign lights go out during a big storm due to bad lamps, ballasts, wiring, or power supplies, it could be weeks until your roadside branding is up and running.
  • Consider switching out any neon signage you may have with LED. Not only will you save lots of money on energy, but LED lighting is a much better performer in cold weather. Neon lighting tends to dim, flicker and turn pink when the temperatures fall, and that does not reflect a good image on your brand.
  • Make a visual inspection of your signage and take photographs before a storm. If something were to happen to them due to snow and ice or from a vehicle sliding into them, you will have a record of their pre-storm condition that may be helpful with insurance claims.


LOW PROFILE SIGN TYPES MAY BE BURIEDwww.holidaysigns.com-richmond-roanoke-harrisonburg-vienna-fredericksburg-winchester-norfolk-williamsburg-lynchburg-virginia-sign maintenance-snow-damage

  • Plan on digging out your low-profile signs as early as possible. Signs hidden beneath snow drifts increase your chances for accidents and injury.
  • Re-exposing your buried signage helps keep your signs working for you, the reason you installed them in the first place. Don’t forget they may be out there under the snow not doing their job of branding your business or helping people with directions, parking or safety at your site.



  • Damage to signs in winter storms is very common. Make sure you take note of any damage as early as possible. If the sign was essential for your operations, place an order for repair or replacement as soon as you can since sign companies may be busier than usual after a big storm. Most sign damage is covered by insurance, so submit the sign damage to your insurance company quickly to cover repair and replacement costs.



  • Salt and road chemicals can deteriorate sign finishes just like they do vehicles. Plus chemical residues on signs just look bad. Pay close attention to your monument signage and any other low-profile type signs on your property. After the storm, make sure all your signs are cleaned and rinsed. A teaspoon of dish detergent in warm water and a sponge can do miracles. It’s not a bad idea to wax painted metal signage with a high quality auto wax. I recommend a product called Nu-Finish that comes in a bright orange plastic container that’s available at most auto supply stores.
  • Again, make sure you inspect all of your signs for any storm damage.


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