Electric Signs Tips and Tricks

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Electric Signs Tips and Tricks

   Holiday Signs helps Virginia commerce to thrive by being experts in the field of custom electric signage, and incorporating this strong expertise into every project. I’ve compiled some helpful series on various sign topics from our blog that may help as you consider signage options. Within these interesting and technical articles lie many electric signs tips and tricks:

www.holidaysigns.com-reston-virginia-retail-electric-signs-design-manufacture-installOur Approach to Selling Signs:

Part 1- Image

Part 2- Budget

Part 3- Environment

Part 4- Viewing Distance & Sight Lines

Part 5- Prototypes & DemonstrationsMWV Signage

Signage in Historic Restorations:

Part 1- The Virginia Repertory Theater Project

Part 2- The Hotel John Marshall Project

Part 3- The Altria Theater Project

Iconic Signs:

Part 1- Winding Brook and

Reynolds Crossing Projectswww.holidaysigns.com-richmond-va-retirement-center-signage-lucy-corr-wayfinding-branding

Part 2- Harper’s Mill Project

Benefits of Utilizing Electronic Message Centers:

Part 1- Community Awareness

Part 2- Co-op Advertising

Part 3- Mass Exposure

Part 4- Owning Your Own Marketing Machine

Part 5- Building Top of Mind Awareness

Part 6- Promoting Loss Leaderswww.holidaysigns.com-northern-virginia-church-sign-companies

Church Signage:

Part 1- New Life Community Church Project

Part 2- Grace Church Project

Part 3- Using Memorial Brick Programs to Fund New Signs

Part 4- Lifepoint Church Project

College & University Signage:

Part 1- Ferrum College Project

Part 2- Shenandoah University Project

Channel Letter Design:

Part 1- Consider Shadows in Your Designswww.holidaysigns.com-richmond-va-acac-channel-letters-architectural-signage

Part 2- Consider Viewing Angle in Designing Wall Signage

Sign Makeovers:

Part 1- Banks

Part 2- Shopping Centers

Sign Permitting:

Part 1- Pioneer Bank Project

Part 2- Floor & Decor Project



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