Bank Sign Case Study Richmond Virginia- Village Bank

Maintaining a Strong Image: Village Bank

Bank Sign Case Study Richmond Virginia

 bank-case-study-richmond-virginiaFAST-PACED BRANDING
  Village Bank is a community bank that has grown to 15 branches since its start in 1999. With their rapid expansion, including their merger with River City Bank, they have an ongoing need for signage. When they changed their corporate identity, they chose Holiday Signs to translate that image into a new signage program.

  •     Community bank with 15 branches and growing
  •     Needed signage to implement their new logo
  •     Required wide range of indoor & outdoor signage

  “Every time we open a branch, we need a complete sign package,” said Raymond E. (Buddy) Sanders, Sr. Vice-President and COO of Village Bank.

  “Exterior, interior, ATM’s, freestanding, and building mounted…each location requires a wide variety of signage. We needed somebody who could do it all and grow with us too,” he said.




  “Holiday did a great job of turning our registered logo brand into signage and they have a good understanding of exactly what we need when we open a new branch or operations center. Village Bank has rapidly expanded our branch network and we need to have partners we can count on to help us continue that growth.”

  “When it comes to signage, Holiday Signs is our partner,” Buddy said with a smile.





  This bank sign case study Richmond Virginia is the first of six case studies featuring client’s signage in these industries: Financial, Entertainment & Fitness, Commercial Development, Automotive, and Retail.


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February 2015- Branding- Village Bank Case Study Richmond Virginia


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